The skills and competencies of project professionals are one of your organisation’s greatest assets

Competency profiling forms the basis of the career progression paths that make sure your organisation has the best capability to deliver its strategy, with advancement opportunities that will continue to attract and retain the best people.

Even the most seasoned professionals have development needs – we’ll help you identify them, and determine what improvement you can expect.

Competency Profiling assesses experience, knowledge and skills across individuals and teams, with a deeper skills analysis available for more senior personnel. It will evaluate the needs of specific role profiles, allowing your organisation to match people to the projects and roles they are best able to fulfil.

Understand where your people challenges lie and how to address them.

  •   Identify ‘best in class’ practices to share throughout the organisation
  •   Increase performance and productivity through a culture of aspiration
  •   Motivate and reward appropriately, from a position of knowledge
  •   Select the right resources where key competencies are required


HSI were able to help Boral to get the most of the PathPro tool through the development of position descriptions that were relevant to our business. The PathPro tool gave us some great insights into the competency of our Project Management, who are dispersed across many different business and regions.