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Our core assessment tool brings together academic research with live business experience to deliver an holistic view of project management capability in your organisation. It has the versatility to evaluate your whole project management protocol, or to hone in on a specific area of concern.

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4 Quadrant Assessment

Getting the Right Perspective on Risk

EMEA Network

26th Feb 2015 - WEBINAR

The perspective of individuals and organisations towards risks and opportunities varies greatly. When is a risk acceptable? When is the opportunity just too good to miss? In this webinar we will look at the organisational context of risk management, asking how we can ensure the appropriateness of ou...

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We are Human Systems International

Our sophisticated suite of assessment, research and network workshops will help you understand and learn from the world’s best organisations, and apply that learning to the project and program management (PPM) of your business.

We provide the structure and stimulus for your program offices or teams to improve incrementally. By helping you directly, the expertise is retained within your organisation rather than losing it at the end of a particular program.

We understand the interaction of people and systems, how they work – and why they go wrong.

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With Human Systems we have reached true partnership and I think that's because at the heart of Human Systems the underlying interest is to improve project/program management in all its many forms, and secondary to that is everything else. As a result DWP has used Human Systems extensively as our 'supplier of choice' and our success in PPM has been supported throughout by everyone in the Human Systems organization.
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